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  • The roof has been constructed of high quality galvanised sheeting, angled at 45 degrees to allow for non-direct natural light as the light panels face south.
  • It has been sealed at intersections to walls, and averages 6 meters from the ground to prevent all types of insect and animal infestations.
  • As the roof is constructed out of hygienic material, it has been left as the “final finish”, to prevent spots for dust or living areas for rodents or insects as is the case with most insulation materials.

Other areas and ceilings

  • High Quality clay tiles for insulation, with plastered ceilings.


  • The system chosen for the factory floor is Stonecrete 9500US polyurethane floors.
  • The system chosen for the factory floor is Stonecrete 9500US polyurethane floors.
  • The system allows for quick and easy repair in the unlikelihood that its membrane is penetrated.


  • First grade porcelain tiles, with non-porous grouting.


  • High quality Acrylic paint with High Gloss enamel on metal reveals.
  • First grade porcelain tiles with non-porous grouting and aluminium detailing.


  • Low voltage energy saver, low heat white light high-bays with explosion proof plastic covers.
  • Ceilings have multidirectional low voltage energy saver, low heat, explosion proof bulbs of white light.
  • As the roof is constructed out of hygienic material, it has been left as the “final finish”, to prevent spots for dust or living areas for rodents or insects as is the case with most insulation materials.

Natural Lighting

  • Indirect natural light is present throughout the facility to provide a healthy environment, protecting eyesight from illuminated light and the environment by preserving energy.


  • Municipal water and underground water is subjected to a sophisticated water treatment regime.
  • All water used in the plant including water for flushing and washing goes through a three stage filtration system that runs in a closed loop system to avoid stagnation.
  • Water runs through a reverse osmosis plant which is then stored in a continually ozonated tank system which is irradiated with ultra-violet light before being potted.
  • Hot water is circulated in a loop to provide instant hot water and avoid letting out of cold water first.
  • Cold water drinking fountains is available in all areas.


  • Air is regulated by water cooled filtration systems and treated with Ozone to eliminate bacteria and odour.
  • Positive air flow is regulated in all production areas to avoid contamination.
  • Powder production areas have humidity regulating systems to prevent caking.
  • Air is conditioned in various areas such as change rooms with Ozone to prevent smell.
  • Air conditioners are of the new inverter type which uses up to 80% less electricity. This air conditioners produce negative ions to kill bacteria and to maintain worker health.

Air Compressed

  • Compressed air is supplied through a screw compressor in a closed loop system through stainless steel piping.
  • The air is filtered at source and at the point of usage. Quality is monitored electronically, identifying the replacement of filters.



  • Hot water and dry steam is provided by an energy efficient dual fired boiler, using natural gas and paraffin.

Natural Gas

  • Natural gas is piped to the factory through Sasol’s network.


Access control

  • Access to all areas, entrances and exits are biometrically controlled.


  • The facility is entered through a boom and spike controlled driveway protecting a High Metal Gate.
  • Pedestrian access is through a stainless steel turnstile and a metal detector.
  • All bags are x-rayed and car boots are checked at the entrance.
  • The perimeter is electrified.
  • Over 30, 5 megapixel, fish-eye IP cameras monitor the facility.
  • Security guards are backed by armed response and heads of intelligence and security.


Security doors

  • Are fitted throughout the facility, leading to the outside of the facility or to each production area where access is strictly controlled and monitored.
  • Only personnel, working in those specific areas, are allowed access.


  • Are made of stainless steel and utilised in High Security entrances and as an extra barrier to outside access.

Roller shutter doors metal

  • Biometrically operated roller shutter doors leading to the outside of the facility are fitted in points of entry and points of exit.

High Speed Roller Shutter Doors

  • High Speed Sensor Roller Doors are supplied to all areas of production to avoid cross contamination of production areas and to maintain positive air.



  • All faucets are electronically sensor controlled, including all toilets, showers and taps.


  • Toilets are flush with, and sealed, to the back wall and floor.
  • Slow closing lids provide for safety and hygiene.


  • Shatterproof windows are utilised throughout the facility to provide natural light, safety, security and non-intrusive factory visits.


Child Care

  • Child care is provided by trained staff and paediatric nurses.
  • Children under 6 years old are catered for and an after care facility is provided for children under the age of 12.

Adult Wellness

  • Various wellness activities such as inoculation are provided in the wellness centre.
  • A health and beauty therapist operates out of this site.


  • All food brought from home is individually stored in staff canteen lockers.
  • Stainless steel and aluminium chairs provide comfortable and hygienic seating for the employees.
  • Daily staff meals are provided at a nominal cost.
  • A vending machine stocks all snacks and drinks for convenience.


  • Offices are adorned with waterfalls, Zen gardens and koi ponds. Ultra modern glass partitioned, climate controlled offices, provide a modern and clean working environment.
  • The borders of the facility have both fauna and flora.


  • Seating is human ergonomic, to provide correct posture for workers that sit for prolonged periods of time.


  • Optic Fibre feeds the facility which has over 14 000 meters of networking cable running a 1 gigabit LAN.
  • A wireless 500Mbit/s WiFi is available throughout the facility.
  • All branches and work stations are linked with data, voice and video.


  • Plastic, Paper, Glass, Metal and General Waste are separated at each disposal point with coloured bins ready for recycling.
  • Paper – Office Usage.
  • Paper usage is being limited in the office by capturing all information electronically. Catalogues which used to be 40 pages long are now being given to customers on DVD to avoid wastage.


  • We are undergoing tests for the conversion of our delivery trucks from Diesel to natural gas.

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