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House Branding (OEM)


  • Primolitos manufactures and produces high quality liquid and powder foods as well as the packaging it is supplied in.
  • Primolitos is based in a HACCP accredited factory building in Wadeville of 8 176m2.
  • Distribution is from Wadeville and from a 713m2 warehousing and distribution point in the Western Cape.
  • ISO 20 002 compliance and accreditation will be completed this year.
  • Primolitos is well geared for the development of contract packaged products.
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and Security are the main features.
  • Ease of production flow, high quality machinery and a strong focus on staff facilities shows a commitment well in excess of that required for the strict adherence to food production.
  • Primolitos enforces their belief in the welfare of their staff in such gestures as the provision of the latest technology as well as ergonomic office furniture.
  • This is extended to a comfortable canteen facility, rest rooms incorporating showers and laundry service, child aftercare running 24 hours a day 7 days a week and areas designated to ongoing skills development training.

State of the Art Factory

Cost & After Sales Support

  • All products are manufactured according to the market segment that they will occupy so that the price is always right.
  • Support on all product ranges comes in the form of product development, training, recipe and product identity.
  • Product backup and support is serviced through an analytical lab, a micro lab, an R&D lab, a test kitchen as well as a marketing, branding and packaging team.
  • Product lines carry a 12 month from manufacture replacement policy should the product expire before the “best before date,” when stored and used correctly.
  • All products are replaced immediately once a Primolitos food technologist has determined that the product is defective.

Product Development

  • The Product development team is made up of:
    The Research and Development Team

  • The R&D team develops products for customers, taking into account the exact look, taste, feel and shelf-life requirements of the customer.
    The Marketing and Design Team

  • The marketing and design team works closely with the customer to deliver the customer’s product in the most cost effective and distinctive packaging possible.
  • This service is supplied free of charge and includes the layout and design of packaging, labels and make ready to print for customers.
  • The aim of these services is to reduce the normal lead time required to introduce new products to the market.

Product Flexibility

  • Primolitos can produce for any of the 3 price segments of the market.
  • The LSM 1 to 4 that is very price conscious, the LSM 5-7 that wishes to purchase a quality product at a reasonable price and the LSM 8-10 market that enjoys a Luxury Product” for its superior taste and not for how cheap or expensive it is.
  • All health and religious concerns are addressed as all products are Kosher, Halaal and Vegetarian.
  • Primolitos goes to great lengths to produce products that have no intolerance or allergy forming substances in them. All products are generally free of glutamades, azo dyes, BHA and BHT, benzoates, egg, egg derivatives, lactose, milk, milk derivatives, peanuts, peanut products, soya bean, soya bean derivatives, sulphur dioxide, wheat, rye, oats and barley.
  • Where allergenic ingredients have no substitutes, or are required by the customer, such ingredients will be clearly indicated on the label under “allergens.”

Label Evolution

2000 – 2005

2006 – 2011


Deciding Factors

Factors which should be considered when dealing with Primolitos include:

  • Over 19 years experience in dealing with and protecting our customers’ intellectual property.
  • Quick turnaround on turnkey products as well as on partly completing the production of products for customers.
  • International clamp down on non-approved food factories and stricter food labelling laws.
  • Health consciousness by the general population as Primolitos has always had a good labelling policy with an ever growing Diabetic and Dietetic product range.

Package Design

Plastic Options

Sachet Options


  • Deliveries into the food services market is undertaken by Primolitos or the customer’s designated carrier.
  • Primolitos can deliver to distribution points on a national basis.
  • A sales representatives will call on the customer according to a call cycle.
  • A sales, merchandising and distribution network has been setup with independent companies to cover the retail segment for the whole of Southern Africa. These services can be made available to Primolitos’ customers if needed .


  • Primolitos’ produces for some of South Africa’s and indeed the world’s top brands, taking the lead when it comes to quality and taste.
  • Primolitos’ adheres to strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles as well as the International Organisation for Standardization’s (ISO) standards, with quality packaging and product functionality.
  • Primolitos is an evolutionary company constantly redefining its core business and analysing its structures in order to be up to date with all aspects of Food Technology, Packaging and Market Trends.

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